Voices for Children advocates for abused and neglected children and youth in St. Louis by representing their best interests in court and in the community.


Who does Voices for Children serve?

Voices serves children and youth of all ages, from infants to their 21st birthday. On any given day, through no fault of their own, over 1,500       St. Louis children are in foster care. Last year, Voices served 894 of them.

Because of their backgrounds, the children we serve are already at higher risk for many problems during their childhood. If there is a failure to address any of their basic or special needs as children and teens, they will be at an even higher risk for a future encumbered by challenges which include low graduation rates, teen pregnancy, incarceration, homelessness and unemployment.

Last year, we supported 173 youth in achieving safe and stable permanency outcomes. The rest are progressing through the typical 2-3 years spent in care. Of those youth, 73 were safely reunited with a biological parent, 40 were adopted into a new, forever home, 40 had guardianship finalized with extended biological family and 20 were older youth who left foster care with positive supports in place.

Give the Gift of Hope to a Child

To give a child a CASA is to give them a voice. To give them a voice is to give them hope. And to give them hope is to give them the world. I believe that with all my heart."
Pamela Butler, former foster youth